What to expect in our clinic

Step 1: Fill in the consent form

Step 2: Assessment to understand about your pain/discomfort

Step 3: Tailor treatment plans specific to your goals and needs.

Step 4: Relax and take a deep breath while receiving the treatment  

Step 5: Provide ongoing support

Step 1: Arriving at the clinic

We are located in the Christine Corner Shopping Centre.
Shop 25/221 Christine Avenue, Varsity Lakes QLD.
Corner of Bermuda Street (Burleigh Southport Road) and Christine Avenue.

It is tucked in the corner in the backside parking area, you will find Yoga Studio upstairs, Chiro ± Co downstairs – Qibow Remedial Massage Clinic is inside the Chiro ± Co.

If entering from Christine Avenue, turn left at the Wild Cherry Coffee Bar, leading you to the back-side parking area, behind Harmony Vision Care, MAX Employment service. You will find us in the left corner, inside Chiro ± Co. 

If you are entering from Bermuda Street (Burleigh Southport Road),  please look diagonally from First Choice Liquor  and you will see Yoga studio upstairs and Chiro ± Co downstairs. 

– Walk to the reception area, sit down and relax. 

–  If you are a first-time client, please fill in a new client consent form.

Step 2: Initial Consultation and Assessment

  Discuss you and your situation in detail
  Check movement, assess your ranges of motion and conduct a thorough physical assessment to find the root of pain, discomfort and/or dysfunction in musculoskeletal system.

  In most cases, the presenting symptom is caused by other parts of the body. Therefore, the assessment is substantial to effectively form the best treatment plan to suit your needs.

  I may take a before and after treatment photo/movie for you to visually assess and reflect the treatment.

  Discuss goals, define what it is that you would like to achieve

♦♦♦For clients used to receiving only a quick rubbing the painful/tight area shopping centre massage, or full relaxation massage, this can be an unexpected step. My unique technique is different from those massages, and conducting thorough assessment is inevitable to find the main cause.

Initial Consultation – Only at the first visit, additional $10,  takes about extra 15min.

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Step 3: Treatment Plan

  Specifically tailored systematic process, aligned with your body condition

  Restrictions and adhesions identified

  Patterns identified

  Start at the source of your pain and reverse from the root of cause– often the presenting symptom is just the surface and there is a hidden cause.

  Goals identified

May suggest Dry needling for effective treatment depend on your body condition and your preference.

Dry Needling – Dry needling is a form of acupuncture where the needles are paced in muscle trigger points, mostly non painful as I use the best quality needle Imported from Japan – additional $10 for needle fee.

Step 4: Treatment

The treatment is always be completely tailored systematic process using Japanese kinetic chain remedial massage, to treat areas of the body affected to achieve your goals. The hands-on work, is deliberate and effective. There is movement, there is deep breathing, there is change. There may be an active communication and additional assessment during the process.

Forget about ‘No pain No gain’. Japanese kinetic chain remedial massage is ‘Good pressure Best result’ – I do not like too much pain or destroying good tissue by intense deep massage. Your Brain and mind need to relax as well to ease your tense body. Therefore, I may not use strong deep tissue massage, unless necessarily.  Mostly the massage is conducted with firm enough pressure to feel the comfort. However, in some rare cases, when your body needs a complete reboot to your brain and pain reception cycle.

Sometimes you may leave the treatment feeling as though you did not “get the sore place massaged enough”. And so, it is important to understand that my unique technique is designed to focus on a cause not the presenting symptom. By doing this, ultimately, I would like to fix the problem to give you a permanent solution to eliminate pain/discomfort so that you can enjoy your life.

Please do not forget to take a deep breath during the treatment. Oxygen circulated to your body will make your body and mind relaxed by the massage.

Read what my client says – Testimonials and Reviews

Step 5: Post Treatment, what happens next?

  If your pain and discomfort disappeared at the first treatment, GREAT! I will give you an easy home exercise tips so that the pain does not come back. If you feel the pain coming back later in your life, you can try the exercise again and you may not need the treatment. Or you can visit me every now and then for a maintenance treatment.

  Some may need further treatments to tackle down the cause one by one. Every treatment I will give you a home work to do at home. These will give your body easier to relax and to get maximum benefit of my treatment. I will give you approximate number of treatments which may need to treat the root cause. However, if you regularly continue to do the home exercise,  you may fast track the treatment and you will be able to reduce the visit.

As a remedial massage therapist, my aim is to fix the problem – to give you a permanent solution to eliminate pain, so that you can enjoy your life.