I was one of you. My journey as a remedial therapist started from my own experience suffering from severe back pain. Specialists told me that my spine was deformed due to a childhood fall that I needed to live with the pain.

After searching for months how to cope with my back pain, I experienced special training and massage at a gym in Japan where clients such as top U.S major league players and  partially paralyzed people go for training to improve their range of motion.

Gaining good knowledge about anatomy and kinetic chain. I started studying massage and combined with experience completed my diploma of remedial massage in Australia. Still now I continue studying to expand my knowledge. I follow Ken Yamamoto Technique (Special Japanese Osteopathic approach) and Amagi Method (Special technique enable to heal body by itself).

I no longer have any back pain and now wish to help other people who suffer the same pain-and bring the joy that life has to offer. After gaining a couple of years of experience at the top Gold Coast physiotherapy clinic, I opened my own clinic in 2018.

My clients come from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, UK, Singapore and Japan to increase their comfort and maintain their well-being.

Qibow (希望) stands for “Hope” in Japanese, and respect for the energy flow “Qi”. The meaning represents my wish to treat all people who suffer from various pain and numbness, so that people can enjoy their life.