Wow! I had been to 3 doctors after being in pain and hardly able to walk for 3 months. 3 sessions later and I am virtually pain free.
I can highly recommend him. He uses only the best quality products and the clinic is clean, full of good energy and is easy to find. Lots of parking, it is located behind the tavern and has signs guiding you to the eco clinic.
Tomoya is respectful and always checks if his methods are causing you pain in any way. He uses a mix of Japanese techniques including stretching, remedial massage, needles and deals with areas that are referring your pain. He is extremely knowledgeable about the muscular system and I am extremely grateful for his help.

Having massages for years, I can honestly say that Tomo’s is the best I have ever had. His is very professional, the clinic is clean and his service is amazing. He identifies what’s wrong and treats the cause, not just the area that is soar. Making you not only feel better for a day, but for weeks after. I can not recommend him enough!

Bops Si
I had a bad mountain bike accident in November 2019 and suffered a partial shoulder dislocation. Went to about 5 different practitioners who weren’t able to make any improvements. That was until I came to see Tomoya. 

After only the first treatment, I was able to move my shoulder and after 4 sessions, I was almost pain- free.

Tomoya has a very holistic approach in the way he works and benefits have been amazing. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone that is dealing with physical pain.


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Debbie S
Debbie S
Tomoya has been looking after my family and I for quite a few years now and I am so grateful we met him. His technique is like no other and it amazes me just how visible the results are after just 1 session. If you want a massage therapist that knows his stuff, Tomoya is the man!

Susan M
Susan M
I’ve seen numerous massage therapists over the past 15 years & Tomoya is the best. He has a holistic technique that works a treat. I enjoy the results of my massages & don’t hesitate recommending him to others. A lovely person to boot!!


Pat L
I have been going to Tomoya for a couple of years now and he is without doubt the best masseur I have ever been to either here in Australia or overseas. One of the things that sets him apart for me is his knowledge of the anatomy and knowing what particular areas of the body to work on to fix certain aches and pains. He is always very helpful and interested in finding out exactly what is causing you trouble so he can tailor his treatment and always gives you some tips or exercises to do at home. Would definitely recommend him to anyone. Pat


Carlee F
Tomoya has a really unique treatment style that I have found hugely helpful. Previous treatment I had been receiving for my neck injury (Pre-Tomoya) focused of the problem not the cause. I can not recommend Tomoya enough.
Thank you Tomoya for all of your help.


Mike J
I have been to see Tomoya a few times for various ailments and I can strongly recommend him as a remedial massage therapist and dry needle therapist. He has fixed things such as tendinitis in my elbow, lower back pain and even significantly reduced knee pain ive had for many years from running. I highly recommend Tomoya.


Winton F
I’ve been seeing Tomoya now for some time, The reason I see him, it’s my lifestyle Gym, mountain biking, motor biking, from time to time, I come in contact with Mother Earth more often than I would like He has supported me so so much better than any other Practitioner and it’s his knowledge that just works my body perfectly…his knowledge is second to none., Ive been getting massages almost every 2 weeks to keep myself in the healing mode for almost 20 years..with OTHERS ..
Now I see Tomoya, I have a self maintenance schedule
Thanks so much Tomoya..


Chiko Hansen
tomoyas very special technique made big difference on my body which I thought no problem but after treatment felt terrific.
I would come back from time to time for prevention of my any blockage.
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