Ichiro’s Retirement

Japanese and U.S. professional talented baseball player Ichiro Suzuki (age 45) announced his retirement last month. It gave me a huge shock and felt it is a beginning of a new era. Different wind is blowing to me.

I understand that U.S baseball is not popular in Australia, and many of you may not know him, but he created lots of records during his career and considered as a legend both in U.S and in Japan.

We share same training methods and I have been training at the same place since 2000s. The gym clients are not only professional athletes but also partially paralyzed patients to train to improve their range of motion. By following this training, playing world’s top league at age 45, and keeping up fit without any major injury was definitely due to this special training.

This training method fixed my back pain, when my specialist advised me that I will never get rid of pain and need to live with it. Having inspired by this training method and discovering a self-healing method for my back, provided me a solid base of my massage career. His retirement made me emotional, but my career as a Massage therapist will continue to expand my knowledge/technique to help other suffering people.

On the day of his retirement, it refreshed my feeling and my aim to treat people who suffers from the same problem.


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